Go Kart Radiator Curtain R-Uno Large

Curtain for R-Uno Large go-kart radiator.

This curtain model has been specially designed and manufactured to fit the dimensions of the new R-Uno Large radiator, our flagship product that guarantees optimum performance and ensures exceptional race performance.

The weight of only 800 g and the ease of adjustment make it a product of the highest quality and reliability.

Necessary to partition the air inflow to the radiator and thus optimally manage the water temperature, the curtains for the standard R-Uno model are CNC-machined in all details to improve the flow and thus guarantee the best functionality of the product.

On the sides, the two 5.5 cm slots allow the radiator to be used in different climatic conditions.
It is possible to cover or uncover the radiant mass according to the rider’s needs.

Two supports are added to the structure of the curtains, the measurements of which have been calculated for maximum stability.

The curtains also take into account the position of the water outlet pipe.
The underside of the supports has been shaped to prevent dangerous friction.

The pulleys on which the concealing system slides have the same radius, thus keeping the curtain taut and ensuring that it always remains adherent to the lower rod.

The rod in which the plastic rings slide to adjust the height of the curtain is designed to avoid the annoying problem of the curtain bending.

With the AF Radiator curtains it is much easier for the rider to manage the radiator cover during the race.

Available in 2 different colours: red or black.

Weight 0.8 kg / Dimensions 38 X 31 X 12 cm

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Radiator Curtain Go Kart R-Uno Large.

Available in 2 different colours: red or black.

Weight 0.8 kg / Dimensions 38 X 31 X 12 cm

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 31 × 38 cm


1 review for Go Kart Radiator Curtain R-Uno Large

  1. Augusto

    The new curtain for our flagship radiator, the R-Uno model, does not disappoint. Available in 2 colours, this model has been specially designed to fit the new AF Radiator. Also available for the Standard version of the R-Uno model.

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