Go Kart Radiator Gold Small

Go Kart Radiator Gold Small | Racing Range.

The minor mass, the lighter weight.

Go Kart Radiator Gold Small model is recommended during periods with low temperatures. Of our radiators, it is the one with the minor mass, designed to be light. Technology of the GOLD line foresees a particular internal structure of the mass, thanks to which the water circulating inside remains longer into, considerably improving its efficiency: in fact it allows to lower the outlet temperature of the refrigerant of 2° more than traditional radiators. The quality of the aluminum used in the construction of the mass has also been carefully chosen. It helps to improve the resistance of the blades to shocks, thus increasing the life of the radiator itself. Anchors for the supports, which instead of being added later, are printed together with the structure of the radiator, and TIG welding – the most suitable type of welding for aluminum that provides high quality joints – are measures for greater stability and resistance to stress. Like all the radiators of this line, the supports are of the Racing type, whose architecture has been finely studied over the years, equipped with silentblock. To make sure that the cap is also able to dissipate heat, it was made of aluminum, machined from CNC machineries for maximum precision. All these precautions allow this model to be a reference point for all categories, both gearbox and no-gearbox, but is recommended in the winter.

RADIATOR MEASURES: 430x160x40 mm

MASS MEASURES: 380x160x40 mm

WEIGHT: 2.0 kg

Weight 2,0 kg
Dimensions 4 × 16 × 43 cm


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